Ever since the advent of globalization, reaching out the world has become simpler. The business growth is no more confined to geographic margins and so industries are flourishing internationally. Information Technology, as a result, has been gaining tremendous competitive advantage by outsourcing software development projects and thereby saving high on time and costs.

Technocrats Horizons offers reliable and cost effective outsourcing solutions to all kind of businesses, whether it’s a Startup or a full-scale Agency.

Technocrats Horizons organizes and manages the crew, supervises the project life cycle and constantly trains and keep the entire team updated with the brand new development principles and technologies. We keep the intellectual expertise to meet the explicit business targets and growing desires of its individual clients. Our unique experience and expertise enables us to gather requirements and select optimal technical solutions with unrivaled speed and efficiency. This ensures a fast project launch reducing the timescales and costs of your development.

1. Flexibility

We offer our customers the choice of which business model they would prefer applied to their project, thus granting a better grip over general project flow and budget. You may choose an exact option that will be fit to your needs.

2. Full-Cycle Development

We provide a full range of services in software development from requirement gathering, user interface design and implementation, product development, product release and continuous development.

3. Effective Communication

We communicate with the customer as a single cross-functional team with common goals and objectives: a collaborative approach that has proved effective across a diverse range of commercial projects.

4. Price and Quality

A rare combination of both may barely be seen amongst various software providers worldwide, but we are oriented on long-term relationships with partners, thus we cannot afford, delivering poor quality solutions while we still can offer services at fair compatible rates.

5. Diverse Access  of Talent

A team of brilliant developers, testers, designers and managers are at your disposal 24/7, without any necessity of any intense investments into in-house teams. You will only pay for expected results and not a penny more due to such an approach.


Technocrats Horizons certainly enjoys being a part of the Indian IT industry and the massive opportunities this region provides as an outsourcing hub.Technocrats Horizons has been successfully aiding companies by maximizing their profits in a short span of time through outsourcing. For more details, drop us an inquiry at info@technocratshorizons.com and we will be happy to serve.